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  Dependable leadership of CPC, respecting sovereignty of other nations and hard work of Chinese people three reasons of China’s rapid development; CPEC being flagship project of BRI to further cement Pak-China ties: Ambassador Sun Weidong
ISLAMABAD, June 16 (INP) Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong has said that there were three reasons of rapid development of China which are the dependable leadership of the Communist party of China, respecting the sovereignty of other nations and hard work of the Chinese people. He was speaking at the inauguration of China-Pakistan Study Centre at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) today. The Ambassador remarked that the centre is the latest outcome of the close cooperation between China and Pakistan. With this initiative, the level of interest in China Studies at ISSI has reached a brand new level. China’s example of becoming the second largest economy in the world through perseverance and hard work has been exemplary. Ambassador Sun Weidong mentioned how CPEC being the flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) will further cement the ties between Pakistan and China. He recognized that ISSI has always attached great importance to China Studies and Pak-China ties. He commended the efforts of Ambassador Khalid Mahmood and all former director generals at the Institute for their personal efforts in introducing and promoting China Studies through their research and academic efforts. He pledged that the Chinese embassy will continue to extend its complete support for CPSC and ISSI for furthering China-Pakistan friendship. These two countries are all-weather friends and shall continue to enhance cooperation to take their partnership to new heights. Advisor to the Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Mr. Sartaj Aziz, said that Pakistan and China enjoy brotherly ties, and history bears testimony to their valued friendship that has been supported by successive governments in both China and Pakistan. In his inaugural address, Sartaj Aziz stated that this centre is a promising addition to dynamic platform of ISSI. He said that think tanks are the nerve centers for pursuance of research projects and scholarly exchange, and highlighted the role of think tanks and research institutes in providing vision, guidelines and knowledge creation. He said think tanks in Pakistan must be linked with their counterparts in China to enhance people-people cooperation and exchange of knowledge. He said that China’s rise is creating an atmosphere of harmonious prosperity and we are fortunate to be at the centre of this wave of economic connectivity. There is still room for closer cooperation, exchange of ideas and knowledge sharing which will lead to common development. Creation of this centre is quite timely and pertinent and has the potential to produce high quality studies under the tutelage of Ambassador Khalid Mahmood. Earlier, Ambassador Khalid Mahmood Chairman ISSI in his welcome remarks said that the inauguration of CPSC at the Institute, symbolizes the ever-green friendship of the two countries. Mr. Sartaj Aziz and Ambassador Sun Weidong later visited the China Pakistan Study Centre (CPSC) and met with the Director and researchers. INP/AH
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