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  ICST says Textile sector slowly crumbling: Export management, trade diplomacy needs improvement
ISLAMABAD, July 16 (INP): Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders on Sunday said textile sector which is the backbone of the economy is slowly collapsing, therefore, the government should take note of the plight of this sector. Weak trade diplomacy and semi-educated export managers proved to be a double whammy for the export sector which was already reeling under various problems, it said. Failed trade diplomacy is one of the reasons behind dwindling exports which has forced the government to borrow from international lenders repeatedly to save the country from default, said Patron Islamabad Chamber of Small Traders Shahid Rasheed Butt. He said that fundamental changes should be introduced in the export sector otherwise the government will have no option to borrow to keep forex reserves within respectable limits. Textile sector, the backbone of the economy is going down for which incompetent export managers who were appointed on political considerations are responsible for the current dismal situation, he added. Shahid Rasheed Butt said that exports of the other countries are going well but local authorities get comfort in blaming the global recession. He said that Rs 14 billion textile sector holds 57 percent share in exports, 46 percent in manufacturing, 38 percent in labour and nine percent share in GDP which was left at the mercy of the incompetent officials who prefer to spend most of their time abroad. He said that textile sector continues to await refund claims worth billion rupees which has compromised its ability which is a great threat to 3.5 million people linked to it. Other countries stabilise their forex reserves through exports while Pakistan is forced to beg for it which required radical changes in the export sector plagued by nepotism, he said. INP/AH/SB
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Imran praises SC verdict, says ‘It will Strengthen Democracy’
News Image   ISLAMABAD, July 28 (INP): Hailing the Supreme Court verdict in Panama case as historic and beginning of an Islamic Welfare Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan on Friday said that the decision will strengthen democracy in the country. More
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Indian Vice COAS says China would continue to remain a threat for India in the future: Blames Pakistan for continuously needling India through low-intensity warfare rather than engage in a full-fledged war
News Image   NEW DELHI: July 26 (INP): Indian Army vice-chief Lt-General Sarath Chand on Tuesday said China would continue to remain a threat for India in the future. "On the North, we have China which has a large landmass, huge resources and a large standing Army. Despite having the Himalayas between us, China is bound to be a threat for us in years ahead," said Lt-Gen Chand, addressing a seminar in the Indian capital. More
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