Economy-class Chinese umbrellas a relief in rainy winter

ISLAMABAD, Jan. 8 (INP):As the umbrella business is one of the most profitable jobs on rainy days, “Made in China” umbrellas are selling like hot cakes in the Pakistani markets during the ongoing winter season.
Chinese umbrellas are designed in different colors, shapes and sizes. Prices vary depending on size and quality.
Office goers, students, workers, teachers, farmers, peasants and people from all walks of life use Chinese umbrellas.
“Since morning, I have sold around two dozen umbrellas,”Naveed Ahmad, a shopkeeper in Chakdara told Gwadar Pro, adding, “more rain means more money, especially when it is the first rain of the winter”.
According to trader Muhammad Rashid, during the rainy season, regardless of gender, from children to adults, everyone needs an umbrella. “Women and children are attracted to colored umbrellas, while males usually like either black or blue colored umbrellas,” he added.
“All umbrellas are made in China. You cannot find umbrellas made by other countries in the markets of the entire Malakand division,” Mr. Rashid told Gwadar Pro.
Muhammad Anas, a student, said, “we are grateful to China for making such an umbrella which can be bought even by the poor,” adding, when it comes to purchasing power, there is no distinction between rich and poor, anyone can afford to buy Chinese umbrellas.
Muhammad Amin, an umbrella wholesaler from Batkhela Bazaar, said that some umbrellas were designed for summer use. “Umbrellas for women have most of the customers in the big hot cities. In this particular region the sale of umbrellas usually ends with the departure of rainy winter,” he said.
Chinese umbrellas are available at very reasonable prices. The high priced umbrella is available at Rs.700 while the lowest price of the umbrella is Rs.450. Umbrellas designed for children are available between the price of Rs.150 and Rs.200.

Mingora town is home to several large wholesale umbrella stores. Retailers from the Malakand division visit the city to bring umbrellas for their shops.

However, some traders said they also buy umbrellas from wholesale markets in the towns of Rawalpindi and Lahore in Punjab province.