Enthralling Promo Songs keep fans hooked

Monitoring, August 9 (INP) – A star-studded line up awaits as musical lovers all over the world get ready to witness yet another season of Coke Studio that promises to be a beautiful and captivating culture-o-musical experience. Before the 11th season finally kicks off this weekend, people are already predicting who will get to sing what song and which legend will the producers pay tribute to this time around.

Coke Studio is not only known for coming up with great renditions of iconic songs but also promotes new and talented singers and musicians through their vastly famous platform. Traditionally Coke Studio has always come up with a Pre-season song as a trailer to what the fans can expect from upcoming episodes.

Before this excitement takes concrete shape, let’s take a look at such songs that Coke Studio reproduced and aired prior to their first episodes

Coke Studio kicked off this unique tradition by re-introducing ‘Soni Dharti Allah Rakhe’ with a very raw, new and refreshing sound. Not only was this the first time that a trailer of sorts was launched by Coke Studio, but also the lineup was introduced to the world for the first time, in a very unique manner, as well.

The song was specifically chosen to celebrate the spirit of independence with Pakistanis all over the world.

Coke Studio introduced the likes of Ali Sethi, Asim Azhar, Sara Haider, Gul Panrah and Nabeel Shaukat Ali amongst other prominent names.