First-ever successful Awake Brain Tumor Surgery

ISLAMABAD, May 16 (INP): Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad has recently performed a successful awake brain tumor surgery.

Awake brain tumor surgery is a neurosurgical technique that allows the surgeon to remove brain tumor while the patient is awake to avoid brain damage. Dr. Akbar performed awake brain surgery on a 60 year old patient from Buner, KPK on 13th May 2019.

This is a preferred technique to remove lesions close to, or involving functionally important regions of the brain, like area responsible for speech, for movement of limbs, etc.

This allowed Dr. Akbar to test regions of the brain before they are removed and allowed him to test patient’s function continuously throughout the operation.

Anesthesia team also played a vital role in anesthetic management of the patient. The overall aim is to minimize the risks of paralysis or loss of speech following such operations.