GCC nationals, visa holders to leave, enter Saudi Arabia from Sept. 15

Riyadh, September 14 (INP): The Saudi Ministry of Interior said that the GCC citizens and non-Saudis, who hold valid exit and re-entry, work, residence or visit visas will be allowed to leave and re-enter the Kingdom starting from Tuesday, Sept. 15.

The GCC citizens and non-Saudis will be allowed to leave and re-enter the Kingdom, on condition of adhering to the coronavirus-related health precautions.

Moreover, no person will be allowed to enter the Kingdom, unless they provide a proof of being free of COVID-19. A recent negative coronavirus test should be provided no later than 48 hours from reaching the Kingdom.

Suspension will be partially lifted on international flights from and to the Kingdom, as well as land, sea and air ports to allow the excluded categories of citizens and others to exit and re-enter the Kingdom.