Government announces Rs5,000 per acre subsidy for Sunflower farmers

MULTAN, Jan 02 (INP) – The government of Pakistan has announced a Rs5,000 per acre subsidy for Sunflower farmers to meet the growing need of the edible oil in the country.

Punjab Agriculture Minister Malik Nauman Ahmed Langrial while presiding over a seminar on the topic of profitable cultivation of sunflower said that it was a challenge to meet the requirements of edible oil for people across the province.

The announcement of granting incentives was made by the minister as our sunflower production are not able to meet our needs and farmers also seem reluctant to sow sunflower due to water scarcity.

He informed that country’s annual sunflower production was only 12pc and the government was annually spending a massive amount to import about 88pc of the edible oil.

In order to encourage the cultivation of edible oil in the country, the Punjab government has decided to grant subsidy to the cultivators of Rs5,000 per acre.