Guideline issued to ensure safety of parked cars, motorcycles in ICT

ISLAMABAD, April 25 (INP): The Islamabad Capital Police have prepared a list of previous convicts in car theft and distributed amongst all quarters concerned to interrogate them during investigation of such cases.

As per direction of Ministry of Interior, Capital Police have taken some preventive measures for safety of parked cars and motorcycle in Islamabad and this included enhanced patrolling direction to officers to conduct surprise checking at various check posts “Nakas”.

Official sources on Thursday said all concerned SHOs have been directed to personally supervise all initiatives taken during move against car lifters and ensure that no stone will be left un-turned in this particular task.

Anti Car Lifting Cell has been working to control car/motorcycle theft within Federal Capital under supervision of Superintendent of Police, Investigation, Islamabad. The staff has been tasked to establish Naka Bandi points at various places from where stolen vehicle are being carried out for disposal by culprits.

The other steps included distribution of pamphlets containing preventive measures/instructions amongst general public while people were asked to park their vehicles inside the houses and at parking places when they are out for duty or shopping purpose.

The general public was informed to install safety alarm system and safety gadgets within their vehicles.

They were also advised not to park their vehicles at abundant places or in streets particularly at night.

In rural congested areas, the foot patrolling has been enhanced as a preventive measure and at peculiar places, i.e. FGSH Hospital, CDA Hospital, Chairman CDA Office etc., a chit system has been introduced within parking areas to prevent car theft.

The personal in civvies have also been deployed in different sectors to keep watch over suspicious persons/vehicles and informers have also been deployed for same purpose.

Moreover, different meeting were held with different leaders of trade unions and they were requested to hire private security guard for security of their private enterprises as well to keep watch over suspicious persons found near parked vehicles.

All the SHOs were also directed to get close the unpaved roads entering or exiting from their area of responsibility and also to ensure presence of police on these points for checking purpose.

The attention of general public is being invited to keep private “chowkidar” in their streets on self help basis to prevent this crime while CCTV cameras have also been installed at conspicuous places working under safe city project to apprehend culprits involved in car theft.