Heavy tax on tobacco products recommended to reduce their use

MULTAN, Feb 27 (INP): The Regional Manager of the Society for Protection of Rights of the Child (SPARC) Khurram Shehzad recommended the government for imposing heavy tax on tobacco to reduce their use.

Talking to media persons in Multan, Khurram Shehzad said that alarming increase in tobacco addition is matter of grave concern and needs special attention.

He said that thousands of people die and hundreds thousands other suffer different diseases due to use of tobacco.

It was estimated that 24 million adults currently use tobacco in any form in Pakistan, the Regional Manager SPARC said adding that the youth of Pakistan are being targeted by the tobacco industry.

Khurram Shehzad said that smoking causes many diseases like cardiovascular disease, lungs and other forms of cancer and breathing problems. It was not only injurious for the user health but it was also destructive for the people in the surroundings. He demanded that the government to bring effective tax reforms for preventing easy access of cigarettes to the youth.

Field Manager Naeem Ahmad referred to SPARC’s recent research report ‘Big Tobacco-Tiny Targets’ in which it was observed that around 1,500 youngsters have starting smoking every day in the country, which is a very alarming situation.

He said that the government needs to take comprehensive steps to control smoking amongst the youth in colleges & universities, in particular.