Imran’s China visit removes misgivings on CPEC

SHANGHAI (China): Prime Minister Imran Khan being received by Chinese President Xi Jinping upon arrival at the Opening Ceremony of China International Import Expo at Shanghai INP PHOTO

BEIJING, Nov 06 (INP): Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to China has helped to remove certain misgivings about China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), says a report published in China Daily on Tuesday.

Imran Khan reinstated his government stance on CPEC and countered the misunderstandings in media about his government stand on CPEC.

He has been able to better understand the Belt and Road Initiative and the importance of CPEC. During his visit 15 MOUs were inked in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Agriculture, poverty alleviation, industrial cooperation and technical training were among the agreements reached between the two historic allies.

Khan was also invited as guest of honor at the inaugural China International Import Expo to deliver a speech. Khan stated that the main agenda of his government is to fight against corruption and learn from China experience in this regard. He wants to learn from China how China has alleviated poverty from 700 million people. According to Khan, China is the only country in the history of the world to bring the 700 million people out of the poverty and increase the standards of life.

Khan said “at a time when the international trade system is under attack, when unilateral commercial benefits are being sought aggressively by some, and when protectionism is on the rise, we take great comfort in President Xi’s courageous affirmation: ‘The doors of China’s Opening Up will never shut; but will only open ever wider’.”

Around 172 countries, regions and international organizations from five continents are showcasing their development achievements and international image at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE). More than 3,600 companies from different countries will hold discussions and seek common development with over 400,000 purchasers from China and overseas during the event.

According to the paper, the visit by Khan will surely prove to be the beginning of a new era for the cooperation between China and Pakistan. It will also provide an opportunity for the newly elected government to get support from China and exchange and learn from each other experience.

It will also provide a great opportunity to cultivate personal relationships and understanding between leaderships. The visit will also prove to be a milestone to understand the Chinese leadership, their vision and commitment to the cause of building a future of shared destiny in the region.