ISPR chief briefs nation on Indian atrocities in IIOJK, on LoC

RAWALPINDI, Aug 13 (INP): Pakistan Army spokesperson Maj Gen Babar Iftikhar is briefing the nation on the ongoing atrocities by Indian troops in occupied Kashmir and on the Line of Control.

“Freedom is one of God’s greatest blessings. For this freedom we have, I pay tribute to the people who participated in the Pakistan movement, and its leaders, particularly Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam’s vision,” said the Inter-Services Public Relations chief.

“If you wish to know the price for this freedom, ask those mothers in occupied Kashmir who bury their sons’ bodies wrapped in Pakistan’s national flag,” Maj Gen Iftikhar said.

He said that in occupied Kashmir, “the worst siege in human history has been going on for a year”. “India, with its state sponsorism, is conducting a genocide in occupied Kashmir and violating human rights in the worst possible manner.”

“India, under a well thought out plan, is changing the demography there and seeking to expel Muslims from the region,” he continued.

Maj Gen Iftikhar said there is no form of oppression that the Kashmiris are not subjected to.

“The sanctity of women and children is being violated. The youth are being martyred in the name of counter-terrorism and buried at unknown locations. The use of pellet guns against the innocent Kashmiris has become commonplace. The Kashmiri leadership in the occupied territory has been imprisoned for a year,” the ISPR chief said, highlighting the dire situation in the occupied region.

“I salute the perseverance of the brave Kashmiri people who for 73 years have been a symbol of resistance against such oppression.”

He said that the government of Pakistan has raised its voice to highlight the seriousness of the situation at every local and international forum.

“Voices decrying such injustice are now echoing in parliaments the world over,” said the ISPR chief.

He said despite the worst siege in history, Genocide Watch, human rights organisations and international media have exposed India’s oppression and state-sponsored terrorism.

Maj Gen Iftikhar said that the secretary-general of the United Nations has stressed on the granting of human rights in occupied Kashmir and in the recent visit to Pakistan, the UNGA president-elect said that a peaceful resolution to the dispute is vital for peace in the region.

He said that for the Security Council to take up the issue thrice in the past year is proof of the fact that the issue is of utmost importance to the international community.

The ISPR chief expressed confidence that the people of Kashmir will secure their right to self-determination soon.

Maj Gen Iftikhar said that despite an appeal by the UN secretary-general for a ceasefire violation at the Line of Control (LoC) due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, India’s “cowardly” tactics continued, due to which 1,927 cross-border incidents of violence occurred.