Maleeha Lodhi bids farewell to UN, departs from NY to London

NEW YORK, Nov 01 (INP): Pakistan’s ambassador to the United Nations (UN) has departed to London after ending her tenure at the global peace and security maintenance body.

She met the President of UN General assembly, Tijjani Muhammad-Bande before departing and vacating the seat for the next ambassador, Munir Akram.

She reiterated Pakistan’s stance with regards to the illegal annexation of Kashmir and demanded the world take note of usurped rights and human tragedies occurring in the landlocked valley.

She also said that it was a responsibility of the UN to resolve the lingering dispute between two nuclear armed countries according to the resolutions on the region which have been passed by the very institute.

Lodhi also said that Kashmiri hopes and desires should be kept at the forefront of any decision on the matter and there consent be given the topmost priority in the decision of the fate their land.

Lodhi also expressed that there was a dearth of confidence and faith in the decisions and capabilities of the United Nations (UN) due to there passive approach and next to means to get the results they rule upon.

She emphasised that only by UN making sure that there ruling on world matters is implemented can there stature and lost confidence in the eyes of the people can be restored.