NEPRA imposes fine on KE

Karachi, Nov 14 (INP) – The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has imposed a fine of Rs. 2 Million on K – Electric. This penalty has been imposed on K – E lectric for non-compliance of Performance Standards, particularly failure to restore the Power Supply within the prescribed time frame and to ensure the safety of public in Karachi.

According to the media reports, large area of Karachi remained without electricity due to tripping of almost 700 feeders during rainy weather on 28.06.2017 and onwards, which resulted in long power supply outage ranging from 24 hours to 48 hours in almost 50% of Karachi.

Further, fatal injuries to public were also reported due to electrocution.

The Authority took notice of above situation in Karachi and directed the K – Electric to immediately provide a detailed report on feeder tripping and electrocution incidents which occurred during abovementioned time period along with preventive an d corrective steps taken by K – Electric.

The report submitted by K – Electric revealed that almost 600 feeders on 28.06.2017 and 400 feeders on 29.06.2017 were tripped for longer duration due to 30mm rain.

In view of the poor state of affairs on part of K – Electric, the Authority decided to initiate legal proceedings. After due process of law, the Authority passed the final order on 30-10-2018.

The Authority has observed that Karachi has suffered prolonged unscheduled electricity outages for more than twenty four (24) hours in different areas of Karachi on 28.06.2017 and onwards. Weak and fragile distribution network was the major reason for such unscheduled power cuts which could not withstand few millimetre rain and K – Electric failed to resume the po wer supply within prescribed time period.

The Authority has further observed with concern that people were electrocuted and died due to poor maintenance of distribution network by the K – Electric. This indicates that KE’s network is full of safety hazar ds and there is no mechanism to develop safety culture and rectify safety hazards so that public lives can be saved during such emergency situations.

Keeping in view the non – compliance of Performance Standards, the Authority decided to impose a fine of Rs. 2 Million on K – Electric under NEPRA Fine Rules.