Pak role for Afghan peace process vital and important, Afghan politician

Muhammad Zamir Assadi
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has played a vital and significant role in Afghan peace process and for initiating Intra Afghan dialogues that have a huge impact on the prosperous future of Afghanistan, said by Painda Hikmat Safi, senior advisor of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, Chairman, High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan who is on three days to Pakistan.

While talking exclusively to Independent News Pakistan, Painda said that the visit of Abdullah Abdullah to Pakistan shows that the region is heading towards a sustainable peace.

He said that Pakistan has always respected the desires of peace from Afghan government and people and for that have played a very serious and important role.
The successful visit of Afghan leader will draw the positive outcome that will have huge impact on people to people relationship on both side.

The people from Pakistan and Afghan are peace loving and they have the ability to preserve the brotherly bond between two sides.

Afghan students and businessmen will see more opportunities in the future as the relationship between two brotherly nations are growing steadfastly, said Painda.
He hoped that people from both sides will get more visas to increase the travelling that is the key to develop deep understanding.

He also noted that Pakistan paid a huge hospitality to Afghan delegation that shows Islamabad highly values the visiting delegate and expecting the positive outcome.
He highlighted that international media is highly focusing on the visit of Dr Abdullah Abdullah and hints that this is the high time of peace for the region.