Pakistan closes Samjhota Express train service with India

ISLAMABAD, Aug 08 (INP): Federal Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Thursday announced that Pakistan has closed the Samjhota Express train service with India.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, Rasheed said the bogies of Samjhota Express will now be used for passengers travelling on the occasion of Eid.

“Two special trains will run on Eid. We will try to improve the train schedule, timing, coaches and hygiene. The addition of 38 trains has enabled us to pick seven million more passengers and earn Rs10 billion,” Rasheed said.

He added, “Till I am the railways minister, Samjhota Express train service will not operate.”

Rasheed added, all those who bought Samjhota Express tickets will be given a refund and there will be no deduction at all. “The refund can be collected from the Railways Divisional Superintendent office in Lahore,” he said.

“The next three to four months are very important. War can happen, but we do not want a war. If war is waged on us, it will be the last one,” the railways minister warned.

He also criticised the decision taken by the Modi-led government. “All the rules have been suspended with this step by Modi. Kashmiris and Pakistanis stand together.”

“I know Kashmir from inside. Modi’s governance ends at Lal Chowk in Srinagar,” he added.

The Samjhota Express train service was suspended earlier this year, due to escalating military tensions between the two neighbouring countries. However, the service was later resumed.

Samjhota Express ran twice a week from Lahore to Attari via the Wagah railway station.