Pakistan has made significant achievements in anti-terrorism

Huang Dekai,Ren Mingzhe&Fu Bingfeng

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi, Foreign Minister of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Rabbani, and Foreign Minister Qureshi of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan held the second China-Pakistan trilateral foreign ministers’ dialogue in Kabul, Afghanistan , and issued a joint statement on December 15. The three foreign ministers agreed to continue to work together to promote trilateral cooperation in the three major areas, including political mutual trust and reconciliation, development cooperation and connectivity, security cooperation and anti-terrorism. The three parties declared that no State, organization or individual can be permitted to use its territory for terrorist activities against other States. The three sides reviewed their cooperation in combating terrorism and agreed to strengthen coordination and cooperation in combating terrorism and to combat all terrorist organizations and terrorists without distinction. The three sides also agreed to strengthen cooperation in the areas of logistical capacity to combat terrorist financing, including recruitment and training, counter-terrorism capacity-building, cyber-anti- terrorism, de-radicalization, and breaking the links between the drug trade and terrorist financing. Therefore, the three sides have signed the Memorandum of understanding on Tripartite Cooperation in Combating Terrorism between China and Pakistan. Besides, on the issue of counter-terrorism in Afghanistan, the US Trump administration has changed its attitude of turning Pakistan into a scapegoat for its counter-terrorism failure in Afghanistan, and has asked Pakistan to participate in the peace process in Afghanistan. We attach great importance to Pakistan’s important role in the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan. It is not difficult to see that Pakistan’s position and role in regional anti-terrorism have become increasingly prominent, not only in the central position of regional anti-terrorism, as an important partner in anti-terrorism cooperation among countries, but also as an indispensable important force in international anti-terrorism.

Pakistan is faced with a grim anti-terrorism situation both at home and abroad. From the domestic point of view, Pakistan itself gave birth to the Islamic sectarian terrorist forces, the Pakistani Taliban, anti-Indian terrorist forces and national splittist terrorist forces four major terrorist forces. From an international point

of view,the Afghan terrorist forces as well as “IS” have infiltrated into Pakistan since “9 / 11″ . Pakistan has become a serious disaster area of the combination of domestic terrorism and international terrorism, and the anti-terrorism situation is not optimistic. Even so, Pakistan’s anti-terrorism efforts have been remarkable.

In recent years, Pakistan has made remarkable achievements in the fight against terrorism. First, Pakistani leaders and governments at all levels, as well as the social elite, attach great importance to combating terrorist forces and improving the security environment.Despite the political changes in Pakistan this year, the new and old governments have always put counter-terrorism at the forefront of their governance.

Second, Pakistan carried out many measures like”counter-insurgency” operations, strengthen coordinated action between the security sector, the establishment of special military tribunals and other counter-terrorism measures. Since February in 2017, “counter-insurgency operations” have been carried out throughout the country, intensifying the collection of counter-terrorism intelligence, strengthening the prevention of terrorism, and severely cracking down on terrorist forces, thus weakening the basis of terrorism in Pakistan; This reduces the risk posed by terrorism. According to reports, since the “anti-insurgency operation” was launched, a total of 44 anti-terrorist operations have been carried out, thousands of suspects have been arrested, about 32000 illegal weapons have been seized, and the terrorist financing support chain has been cracked down. The internal security situation is improving, especially in the north-western province of Khyber Pashtun. At the same time, Pakistan has also strengthened coordination between the military, the security sector of the Government and the judiciary, working in concert with multiple sectors to carry out joint operations. In addition, since the establishment of the Special military Court, 717 terrorism-related cases have been brought before it, of which 546 have been finalized. In finalized cases, 310 persons were sentenced to death.

The third is to strengthen international anti-terrorism cooperation. Pakistan has not only strengthened its bilateral anti-terrorism cooperation with other countries in the world, but also enhanced its anti-terrorism cooperation capability in international organizations.As a new member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), Pakistan is accelerating its anti-terrorism process. A meeting of legal experts of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Regional Counter-Terrorism structure (SCO-RATS) was held in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan, from 23 to 25 May 2018. He then took part in a major anti-terrorism exercise in Russia in August 2018. To promote the creation of regional security systems through the mutual exchange of counter-terrorism intelligence and cooperation among personnel of counter-terrorism law enforcement agencies.

Pakistan’s counter-terrorism achievements and experience contribute to international counter-terrorism cooperation. Pakistan has put set up a range of counter-terrorism systems to gather intelligence on terrorism, respond to terrorist activities and punish terrorists. These mechanisms play an important role in international anti-terrorism cooperation, grasp the development trend of terrorism, jointly deal with cross-border terrorist forces, and fight against terrorists.

Pakistan is a peace-loving country, and the current development situation in Pakistan does not allow for the existence of terrorism in any form. Condemns all acts that undermine peace and stability, in particular terrorist activities. Far from supporting and concealing anyone involved in terrorist activities, it condemns and combats terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. Pakistan has recently stepped up its response to terrorism, responding forcefully to India’s unfounded accusations that Pakistan is carrying out a proxy war of terrorism in Kashmir and hiding terrorists.

(Huang Dekai,Scholar of Sichuan Police college;Ren Mingzhe,Scholar of Yunnan university;Fu Bingfeng,Scholar of Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences)