Pakistan needed to avoid relaxing restrictions on COVID-19: Cheng Xizhong

BEIJING, May 18 (INP) Pakistan is needed to avoid relaxing restrictions, that it imposed earlier to check the spread of COVID-19, says  a report published by Gwadar Pro on Monday.

The report referred to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statement that says that the nation must take responsibility and not to celebrate the upcoming Eidul Fitr, in a formal way, stressing that the spread of the coronavirus could only be controlled through taking precautions.

According to the report, it seems that the Pakistani government has recognized the urgency of controlling the spread of the epidemic. Just a few days ago, the Pakistani government decided to gradually ease the lock-down from May 9 for the sake of economy and people’s life. 

The Gwadar Pro quoting its special commentator Cheng Xizhong pointed out that the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Pakistan is very severe.  If effective and resolute measures are not immediately taken, the number of confirmed cases may soar to 70,000-100,000 in the near future.

At present, the pandemic in Pakistan is the most serious in South Asia, and even more serious than at the peak of the pandemic in China.

Pakistan’s economic difficulties are there. Now Pakistan is under the double impact of COVID-19 and locust disaster. As COVID-19 is spreading very fast, nobody can predict exactly how much Pakistan’s economy will eventually be affected. 

Both pandemic control and economic development are very important. Chairman Mao once taught us to concentrate on solving the main problem. Right now, the novel coronavirus pneumonia is the main problem in Pakistan.  

If we untimely ease the prevention and control measures and pursue the balance between the prevention and control of the pandemic and the economy and people’s livelihood, the result will be that the pandemic will spread further beyond our control, which will have a greater impact on economy and people’s livelihood, leading to a greater imbalance between the two.

Once the pandemic is effectively controlled, economy and people’s livelihood will become the main issue. At that time, while continuing to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control, we can quickly resume production and promote economic recovery, the report added.