Pakistan praises China’s role on counter-terrorism

BEIJING, June 23 (INP): Pakistan and some other countries participated in the International Counter-terrorism Forum held here and praised China’s efforts of promoting peace and stability worldwide.

The countries’ representatives while speaking at the forum hoped that the China’s leading role on counter-terrorism would be effective in achieving the desired results.

The forum was hosted by the Chinese People’s Armed Police Force (PAP) participants. The Great Wall-2019 International Forum on Counter-terrorism was a four-day event, that concluded yesterday with the pledge to make joint efforts for curbing the menace of terrorism.

It was attended by more than 240 representatives from the military and police forces of 31 countries including Pakistan, China, France, Israel and Uzbekistan.

During the forum, with a theme of “special force sniping,” participants attended five seminars that included interactive Q&A sessions, viewed military training demonstrations and visited counter-terrorism training facilities.

According to the People Daily, Wesley Santos, chief of operation of Brazil’s federal district military police, said the forum is an important opportunity for exchanges.

“Brazil and China are far away from each other, and I did not know how impressive the PAP’s counter-terrorism capability is until I felt it in person today,” he told Xinhua.

The PAP’s training is close to reality and full of challenges, said Gheorghe Florea from Romania, who possesses more than 20 years of sniping exchanges.

“Chinese PAP members did a great job,” said Florea, a sniper squad instructor of Romania’s special intervention brigade, after having watched their performance.

The Great Wall Counter-terrorism Forum is a high-standard event, which demonstrated the PAP’s vigorous training and excellent facilities, said Dumitru Stoica, commander of battalion from the general inspectorate of carabineers of Moldova’s internal affairs ministry.

“I look forward to bringing many meaningful experiences back to Moldova for reference,” he added.

Willy Jeffery Wimbong, sergeant of Vanuatu’s mobile force, said the forum extends and spreads knowledge between worldwide counterparts.

“We are better equipped now to meet the future,” he said.