Pakistan to participate in China-ASEAN Expo as special partner

BEIJING. Nov 26 (INP): Pakistan will participate in the upcoming China-ASEAN Expo (CAEXPO) as a special partner.

The expo is scheduled to take place on Nov 27-30.The preparations for the Pakistan’s exhibition area has been completed. Gwadar Pro reported on Thursday.

According to the Expo’s Secretariat, the representative of the Pakistani delegation and Pakistani officials will deliver speeches at the opening ceremony of the 17th CAEXPO.

During the exhibition, Pakistan’s national image, competitive commodities, key industries and cooperation opportunities will be displayed in an all-round way.

The Pakistan exhibition area has been decorated with its traditional ornaments and style. This area will display the featured products in Pakistan, including natural gemstones, jewelry, agate, handicrafts and so on.

The exhibitors include The Ministry of Commerce of Pakistan, the Consulate General of Pakistan in Guangzhou and Pakistani enterprises.

In addition, Pakistan will take part in the BRI international exhibition area with 21 other BRI countries, such as Japan, South Korea, France, Italy, Iran, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Russia, and Mongolia.

There are 108 enterprises from BRI countries participating in this exhibition area with 229 booths, mainly displaying food, beverages, stone, jewelry, handicrafts, furniture, cosmetics and so on.

In order to expand the scope of participation since the 11th CAEXPO, according to the application and preparation of each country, the organizer will invite a RCEP member country or BRI country other than China and ASEAN countries as a special partner.

On July 9th, the CAEXPO Senior Officials Conference was held online. The meeting decided that the theme country of the 17th CAEXPO will be Laos and Pakistan will be a special partner.

Except for the physical exhibition area, the Pakistan Investment Promotion Conference will also be held online on 28th under CAEXPO.

In a media briefing on features and achievements of the CAEXPO, Wang Lei, Secretary General of the Expo Secretariat said that they would unite all parties to help build a road to cooperation and they invited Pakistan as a special partner to expand Belt and Road community.