People will forget Jack Sparrow after watching Firangi: Aamir Khan

Monitoring, Nov 5 (INP) – Bollywood actor Amir Khan on Monday made a tall claim pertaining to his character in the upcoming star-studded movie Thugs of Hindustan.

When we asked Aamir about playing such an unconventional character, the actor stated, “It s my toughest character till date. It will be challenging for the audience as well because there will be times when they will not like me. I m hoping that people enjoy the character and take him for what he is. It s a very unusual hero. I have not seen a hero like that in Hindi films.”

He said, “People will forget Jack Sparrow after watching Firangi.”

Post the trailer release, there have been many comparisons between Firangi and Jack Sparrow (played by Johhny Depp) in the Pirates of the Carribean franchise.