Pilgrims Perform Dhuhr and Asr Prayers in Arafat Holy Site 9 Arafat

n Hajj this year, we reiterate that it is a must for the Hujjaaj, as well as everyone assisting them, to adhere to the precautionary regulations that have been implemented. This is to be done for their own safety.
Dear people of eemaan, the greatest means to attaining Allaah’s blessings and averting hardships is du’aa’ (supplicating Allaah). Allaah Himself promised to respond to those who supplicate Him. He said, ((Call upon Me. If you do so, I will respond to you)) [40:60]. Allaah also told His Messenger, ((When My servants ask you about Me, inform them that I am most certainly near. I respond to the prayer of the supplicant when he calls upon Me)) [2:186].
Therefore, dear Muslims, call upon Allaah with humility, sincerity, and certainty that He will respond to you. In addition, when others supplicate, say aameen (O Allaah, I implore You to respond).
O Allaah, remove the pandemic we are facing, cure the ill, and enable researchers and those working in the medical field to uncover treatments for diseases. O Allaah, bestow an abundance of Your favours upon Your servants, and enrich them out of Your bounty. O Allaah, sow the seeds of love and affinity between Your servants; and enable them to cooperate in fulfilling Your commands and avoiding Your prohibitions, not in perpetrating sins or transgression. O Allaah, spread in our midst safety and stability, out of Your favour and kindness.
Our Lord is perfect in every way and exalted above all falsity ascribed to Him, and He grants protection to all His Messengers. All praise is due to Allaah, the Lord of all creation, and may He grant commendation and protection to His trustworthy final Messenger.
13:26 LOCAL TIME 10:26 GMT