PML-N had robbed South Punjab funds in name of Lahore renovation: Shibli

ISLAMABAD, Jan 03 (INP): Federal Information Miniter, Senator Shibli Faraz has said that unfortunately addressing Maryam Nawaz in Bahawalpur Sunday, she forgot that this royal family had robbed the funds of the people of South Punjab in the name of renovating Lahore.

He said that the people of South Punjab were thirsty for education, health and light, while all their resources were spent on Lahore. The farmers of South Punjab hate this royal gang, he added.

The minister said, the Muslim League forced the people of South Punjab to starve during his rule. As sugarcane growers use government policies to sell their crops on trolleys, the Muslim League ruined the lives of cotton growers in the hatred of South Punjab, the Federal Information Minister maintained.

He said, the Jati Umrah road has been frequently carpeted and the roads of South Punjab offer a map of Mohenjo-daro. How does Maryam cry for South Punjab today?, the Information questioned.

He said, the PTI government is fulfilling its promise to the people of South Punjab, adding that the Chief Minister was elected from a remote area of ??South Punjab. He said that a separate secretariat had been set up and similar development works were being launched in South Punjab.