PML’s government effective measures brought Pakistan out of grey list: Ishaq Dar

Islamabad, July 14 (INP): Former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said Pakistan was out of grey list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in 2014 as the result of the effective security and financial measures taken by the previous government of Pakistan Muslims League (N).
Commenting on a media’s statement of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the issue, he said there was no role of PTI’s government, in bringing Pakistan out of the black list of FATF.
He said the Pakistan Muslim League (N) government had taken a number of effective steps and brought it out of the Financial Action Task Force’s Black list first and later from Grey to White List and the Nawaz Sharif’s firm actions against the militant groups made that possible.
In a statement issued from London on Sunday, Dar said that when the PMLN took over from Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Pakistan was in the Black List but the PMLN government lobbied with the world, took a number of actions (including actions promised against the militant groups) and convinced the world that Pakistan was doing more than enough in fighting terrorism. This led to eventual White listing of Pakistan in February 2015.
Ishaq Dar said the reforms agenda introduced by the previous government had proved very successful in projecting Pakistan as a peaceful country worldwide. In this connection, he referred to the National Action Plan, that was prepared in support of the Military leadership, to root out militancy from the country.
He also cited the letter he wrote to FATF in Feb. 2015, that listed the actions taken by the government in effectively addressing the concerns of the international community on account of security situation in Pakistan.