PM’s presence in CIIE brightens scope of Pakistan’s export to China: Officials

BEIJING, Nov. 10 (INP): Pakistan is expected to get its substantial share in the Chinese market, following the country’s effective participation in the China International Import Expo (CIIE), held in Shanghai in the recent week.

Prim Minister Imran Khan was himself attended the Expo’s opening ceremony that was a sign of a great hope for future growth of the two countries’ economic partnership, officials said here while commenting on the outcome of Prime Minister’s visit in the term of trade ties.

President Xi Jinping visited the Pakistan’s Pavilion at the CIIE, showing his country’s keen desire of enhancing imports from Pakistan in the coming years. While welcoming at the pavilion, Imran Khan briefed the President about the worth of the Pakistani products for the global consumers.

A senior economist, Cheng Xizhong appreciated the participation of a large number of Pakistani businessmen in the expo and said, the Chinese government will encourage them to have maximum import from Pakistan, but as for what to import and how much to import, it is to be determined by the market and the level of the products’ quality.

Pakistan as a country of honour had set up a pavilion at the expo to display its main products that could attract the Chinese consumers. It also highlighted the development process and the country’s achievements in the manufacturing sectors.
The import from Pakistan is closely related to the quality of Pakistani goods and the demand in the Chinese market, so greater efforts are needed to put the things on the right direction, he added.

It is worth-mentioning that China is a large country with a population of 1.4 billion and its market is very large, and the Chinese government has many preferential policies for importing goods from Pakistan.
He observed, it is much easier for Pakistani businessmen to export goods toChina than Chinese businessmen to export goods to Pakistan because Pakistanis a small country as compared to China.

Emphasizing industrialization, Cheng said it could greatly enhance Pakistan’s export capacity and put Pakistan on the road of modernization and to ensure enhanced trade ties with the foreign countries.
About the trade deficit in the bilateral trade, he said for many years, the Chinese and Pakistani governments have made much effort to resolve this problem. The Expo, he hoped will open new avenues to achieve the desired goals.