President Xi to visit European countries from Thursday

BEIJING, March 20 (INP): Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming visits to Italy, Monaco and France are expected to inject new impetus into China-EU relations, a senior official said Wednesday.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced that Xi would pay state visits to the three European countries from March 21 to 26, at the invitation of Italian President Sergio Mattarella, Head of State of the Principality of Monaco Albert II and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Xi’s visit to Europe will be the first overseas trip in 2019 by the Chinese head of state, also the top leader of the Communist Party of China, bearing historic significance for the development of relations between China and the three countries, Vice Foreign Minister Wang Chao said at a press briefing.

Wang said Xi’s state visit to France, his second within five years, will coincide with the 55th anniversary of China-France diplomatic ties, and is of special significance to bilateral relations.

Xi’s visits will bring the pragmatic cooperation between China and the three countries to a new height, inject new impetus into China-EU relations in the new era, and open up new space for jointly building the Belt and Road, he added.