Saudi-based Pakistani doctor famous in the Kingdom

File photo of Dr. Naeem Khalid Chaudhry, a Pakistani doctor who died while working in Saudi Arabia after contracting the coronavirus. Supplied

Riyadh, Sept 24 (INP): There are millions of Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia, who, on the one hand, earn money and send it to Pakistan and, on the other, are increasing the development and stability of Saudi Arabia with their hard work and dedication.

There are thousands of Pakistanis in the Kingdom, who have been living in Saudi Arabia for the past 34 years and have seen Saudi Arabia change from a backward country to a developed and modern country.

There is also a Pakistani doctor living in Saudi Arabia for last 63 years. According to media, the video of a Pakistani doctor living in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, for 63 years has gone viral on social media. This Pakistani doctor is known to be a Saudi in every way in terms of form, appearance, lifestyle, speech and way of life and has settled in this society.

A video clip of the Pakistani doctor, Nazir Ahmad Khan has been shared on social media by the Government Liaison Center. Nazir Ahmad Khan is saying in the video that he has been the director of one of the three polyclinics in Riyadh.

There were three polyclinics in Riyadh called Al-Futa, Masjid Al-Eid and Al-Marqab and one of them he was the director.

Referring to his memories of Saudi Arabia, Nazir Ahmad Khan said this country is inhabited with justice, kindness and benevolence and he will continue to serve it till his last breath.

Nazir Ahmad Khan said old and children come to his clinic for medical examination. An examination fee of 30 Riyals is charged from them. He said that had fixed the fee in the time of Shah Faisal and has been maintained since then and do not charge more than 30 Riyals.