Saudi govt stresses to declare Houthi militia a terrorist group

RIYADH, Jan 04 (INP): Expressing serious concerns over the tradition of Houthia militia of not abiding by the agreements made with different governments and local authorities, the Saudi government has stressed to declare it a terrorist group, sources said.

Led by Saudi Arabia, due to efforts of international community and many other countries, comprehensive national dialogues were held between Houthi militias and Yemen from 2011 to 2014 which lasted for 10 months, in which the Yemenis developed solutions and processes for each Yemeni issue including the Saada issue.

However, the matters settled during the dialogues started with support of international community failed to bear fruit as Houthi militias did not abide by over 70 agreements with the Yemeni government, local authorities, tribes and the United Nations.

Despite, holding dialogues they continued terrorist activities including killing, bombing houses, child recruitment and forcing them to battlefields.

They Houthi militia also continued to launch missiles and drones, randomly, targeting civilians in Yemen and threatening international shipping and energy sources in the Gulf region. As well as their ideological extremist discourse that calls for violence and spreading hatred, as they clearly declare this.