Shenzhen’s amazing growth reflects success of China’s opening up policy: Spokesperson   

BEIJING, October 16 (INP): As a new city built up from scratch by the CPC and the Chinese people after the rolling-out of the reform and opening-up policy, Shenzhen has now developed into an amazing city, like a wonderful canvas with socialism with Chinese characteristics on full display.  

Over the past 40 years, Shenzhen’s GDP has grown more than 10,000 times, and the once small fishing village has morphed into an international metropolis with global influence, this was stated by the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian at a news conference on Thursday. 

He was commenting on President Xi Jinping’s attendance at the City’s celebration event. 

The spokesperson said, “The construction and development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone is a product of China‘s reform and opening-up policy, and it is also a microcosm of China‘s achievements through this policy.  

And Shenzhen cannot develop into what it is today without the extensive participation of all countries around the world. Shenzhen adheres to the practice of “bringing in” and “going out”-making good use of both the international and domestic markets and resources thereof, attracting about 2/3 of the Fortune 500 companies to settle here with its openness and inclusiveness, and realizing the historic leap from reliance on import and export to all-around and high-level opening-up to the outside world.  

It is fair to say that these achievements are nothing short of a miracle. 

Shenzhen has shown the world the majestic power of China‘s reform and opening-up efforts and the bright prospect of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Looking forward to the future,  

China will unswervingly pursue a mutually beneficial and win-win strategy of opening up and actively build a new dual-circulation development pattern with the domestic circulation as the mainstay and the domestic and international circulations reinforcing each other.  

This will not only enable China to draw momentum of development from the world, but also better benefit the world with China‘s development.  

As a large developing country with a population of 1.4 billion, a labor force of 900 million and a market of the 120 million economic entities, China welcomes more countries in the world to participate in China‘s economic construction and build a new win-win pattern of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.