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Al Qaeda leader Qari Yasin involved in attacks on Sri Lankan team, GHQ, Marriot Hotel bombing killed in drone attack: Pentagon
  WASHINGTON, Mar 26 (INP) A US drone strike in eastern Afghanistan on March 19 killed the senior Al-Qaeda military commander Qari Yasin, who has been linked to numerous attacks in Pakistan, the US military confirmed on Saturday. full story
10 dead in central China Gold mines accidents
  ZHENGZHOU, Mar 25 (INP) A pair of accidents at two neighboring gold mines in central China's Henan Province killed 10 people Friday, local authorities said early Saturday.full story
Muslim-dominated buffalo meat industry in UP being shut down
  NARAHARA, India, Mar 25 (INP): In recent years, as demand for cheap protein raged in China and the Persian Gulf countries, India quietly became the world’s largest exporter of meat, chiefly flash-frozen water buffalo, which approached $5 billion in exports in 2015. full story
U.N. Rights Council to Investigate Reports of Atrocities on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar
  GENEVA, Mar 25 (INP) The United Nations’ top human rights body decided on Friday to send an international fact-finding mission to Myanmar to investigate atrocities that the country’s army is said to have committed against Rohingya Muslims, ratcheting up pressure on the country’s leader, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, to curb the conduct of the powerful military. full story
India says did not agree to change design of Miyar Dam
  NEW DELHI, Mar 25 (INP) India defended its presence at the Lahore meeting of the Indus Commissioners last week, saying, "So long as we are a party to the treaty, it is our legal obligation to attend the treaty-mandated meetings which is held at least once every financial year." The commission, is a bilateral body of engineers and technical experts, who had detailed technical discussions. full story
India to seal International boundaries with Pak and Bangladesh : Rajnath
  NEW DELHI, Mar 25 (INP) Indian Home Minister, Rajnath Singh on Saturday said India is planning to seal the international boundaries with Pakistan and Bangladesh soon.full story
Muslims raise over £17,000 for London attack victims, families
  LONDON, Mar 24 (INP) A group of Muslims in the United Kingdom has raised more than £17,000 in order to support victims and families of Wednesday’s London car attack. full story
US turns down Russia invitation to Afghan peace conference
  WASHINGTON, Mar 24 (INP): The United States won't attend a multinational peace conference on Afghanistan next month in Russia, a State Department official said Thursday. full story
Pro-settlement hardliner Friedman confirmed as US envoy to Israel
  WASHINGTON, Mar 24 (INP) The US Senate has confirmed right-winger David Friedman as America's next ambassador to Israel. He was approved in a 52-46 vote in the Republican-run chamber, despite opposition from the Democrats. full story
Afghanistan welcomes India’s ‘willingness’ to help Air Force
  KABUL, Mar 24 (INP) The Afghan Ministry of Defense (MoD) has welcomed India’s decision to consider whether to pay for repairs to grounded helicopters and transport planes from the Afghan Air Force as part of their willingness to step up military assistance to Kabul. full story
VHP would not let Babri masjid come up anywhere in India
  MEERUT: Mar 24 (INP) Days after the Supreme Court suggested that the Ram mandir issue be solved out of court after deliberations among concerned parties, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) said that they will not let Babri masjid to be constructed anywhere in India. full story
Donald Trump Jr criticises London Mayor Khan after terror attack; Faces backlash
  WASHINGTON/LONDON, Mar 23 (INP) President Donald Trump's son has criticised London's mayor, shortly after a terror attack on the UK capital that killed five people. full story
IAF to participate in air combat exercise in Israel with 7 other countries
  NEW DELHI: Mar 23 (INP) Soon after Narendra Modi visits’ Tel Aviv in July, the first-ever by an Indian PM since bilateral diplomatic relations were established in 1992, the Indian Air Force will be participating in a top-notch air combat exercise in Israel. full story
India denies Pak’s claim of talks on Indus Water Treaty in US;
  NEW DELHI, Mar 22 (INP) India is unlikely to participate in any meeting in Washington DC with Pakistan on the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) in April, as has been announced by the Pakistan government after a meeting of the Indus Commissioners in Islamabad on Tuesday. Sources also said India had not, as Pakistan claimed, agreed to halt the Miyar hydroelectric project in J&K. full story
Muslim bodies sceptical of talks to resolve Ayodhya issue
  NEW DELHI, Mar 22 (INP) Muslim organisations were not too enthused with the Supreme Court's suggestion for talks to resolve the Ayodhya dispute, saying past attempts had eluded consensus.full story
UN experts urge States to act now against racial profiling and incitement to racial hatred
  GENEVA, Mar 21 (INP): UN human rights experts are calling on governments around the world to take action now to stop fear and misinformation about minorities and migrants which are fuelling increasing incitement to racial hatred and racial profiling. full story
Indian SC for amicable settlement of Ayodhya dispute, CJI?Khehar offers to mediate
  NEW DELHI, Mar 21 (INP) The Indian Supreme Court on Tuesday asked two warring factions in the Ayodhya dispute case to make fresh attempts for an amicable settlement of the issue. full story
India to develop unmanned LCA
  NEW DELHI, Mar 21 (INP) As part of its aggressive designs, India has started work on developing an unmanned combat version of the home-grown light combat aircraft (LCA), with a task group being constituted to study how to convert the fighter for a futuristic role. full story
India behind Pakistan in global list of happiest countries
  UNITED NATIONS: Mar 21 (INP) India ranked 122nd, behind Pakistan and Nepal in the global list of the happiest countries, according to a global report released on Monday. full story
US banker David Rockefeller dies at 101
  NEW YORK, Mar 21 (INP) US top banker David Rockefeller died in his sleep at home in Pocantico Hills, New York, on Monday morning as a result of congestive heart failure, said a statement from the The Rockefeller Foundation.full story
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