Source of COVID-19 might not come from China: Zhong Nanshan

BEIJING,, Feb. 27 (INP) – The first case contracting the COVID-19 was confirmed in China, but the source of the virus might not have come from China, the head of China’s COVID-19 expert team, Zhong Nanshan said in a press conference held in Guangzhou City on Thursday, reports Gowadar Pro App.

Zhong made the speculation based on the truth that the situation outside China is exacerbating.

He said his team has taken China into first consideration when forecasting the trend of the coronavirus outbreak, and neglected other countries previously.

China will contain the coronavirus epidemic by the end of April with strict prevention and control measures taken in China, Zhong added.

His team previously predicted the peak of the epidemic to arrive in mid to late February, which had been proven accurate afterwards.