Sridevi to be honoured with a statue in Switzerland

Monitoring, Sep 11 (INP) – The Switzerland tourism industry has planned to install a statue of veteran Indian actor Sridevi in to pay her a tribute.

The Indian media revealed that the step is being taken after the actress’s superhit movie “Chandni” was shot at the country’s picturesque locations.

Her song-dance-romance sequences against the Alps had set the Bollywood trend of shooting in the picturesque locations of Switzerland.

It is pertinent here to remember that the statue of the renowned Indian filmmaker, Yash Chopra, was also unveiled in Interlaken in 2016.

According to Indian sources, Raj Kapoor‘s 1964 film Sangam was the first Indian film shot in Switzerland, which was followed by An Evening in Paris in 1967.

Since Sangam, Bollywood made Switzerland their favourite shooting location, paving way to cement the image of Switzerland, especially the Alpine scenery, as a romantic paradise for Indians. Aditya Chopra’s 1995 hit Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge (DDLJ) captured the imagination of Indian youth, also giving an unprecedented boost to the tourism sector here. According to Switzerland Tourism’s data, in 1992, 28,834 Indians visited Switzerland, but in 2017 it went up to 326,454.

The government of Interlaken had awarded the honorary title of Ambassador of Interlaken to Yash Chopra in 2011 and a train is named after him.

“Indian tourists are quite excited about the scenic locations because of the movies. Movies of Sridevi and Shah Rukh Khan have inspired many, irrespective of their age. Many of those who come here want to replicate those scenes and sometimes the excitement causes some accidents also,” the source said.