Imam e Kaba Sheikh Al-Sudais said that there is a good news that the hight approvl of an increase in the number of languages that the Arafah Day Sermon will be translated in to from five to ten international languages and all praise is due to Allah. From the additional languages that will be added this year is the Chinese language which will allow the message of this Arafah Sermon to reach a large section of the Muslim and non-Muslim world population.

Additonally he said, the translated texts of the Arafah Sermon will be made availalbe to veiwers in the English and Frence languages on Saudi Arabia TV Channel of (KSA1) AlQuran AlKareem Channel (Makkah Live TV) and the Prophetic Sunnah Channel (Madinah Live TV). The maximum number of viewrs and subscribers has been increased from 2 million last year to 50 to 100 million this year and we hope that the number of languages and viewers will continue to increase in the years to come. The noble achievements are from the good efforts of the blessed nation and for the service of the Hajj pilgrims and the betterment of humanity and the global community.