Thermal Thermometer ‘installed in Pakistan works well’ to fight COVID-19

BEIJING May 22 (INP) : An Integrated Thermal Imaging Thermometer installed at Tricon Tower Lahore “works well” on the frontline in fighting against the COVID-19 as this system can simultaneously detect at most 30 peoples, without any contact within a maximum detection distance of 9 meters.

According to Gwadar Pro, this system is made by a Chinese company Hikvision. Kazim, a staff member of Hikvision said, this system uses the automatic image recognition technology and the infrared thermal imaging technology to conduct rapid screening of the forehead temperature of people in a crowd area.
It can not only facilitate people’s rapid passage but also reduce the risk of cross-infection.

In addition, it also can make early warning of people with abnormal temperature, take photos of them and then keep these as record.

 “Now, we can easily view the body temperatures of people coming and going on the screen of Hikvision’s system. We have held up dozens of peoples with abnormal temperatures so far,” said Owais, the IT manager of Tricon Tower.

With the successful operation of the system at Tricon Tower, more and more Integrated Thermal Imaging Thermometers will be deployed in the public places in Pakistan amid the gradually easing of lockdown.