Three Pakistani universities join efforts to fight COVID-19

KUNMING, China May 19 (INP): Three Pakistani universities and other 54 universities in 11 countries from the South and Southeast Asian University Network (S&SE Asian UN) vowed on Tuesday to join efforts in fighting against the COVID-19, as the pandemic continues to spread across the world, reports Gwadar Pro.

According to S&SE Asian UN, a total of 57 universities in 12 countries from the network signed the Statement of the South & Southeast Asian University Network on Joining Efforts in Fighting against COVID-19 in China’s Kunming to call on universities and colleges to play their special role in combating the pandemic.

Besides Balochistan University of Information Technology, Engineering and Management Sciences (BUITEMS), Karakoram International University, and University of Peshawar from Pakistan, other universities that co-signed the Statement are from South and Southeast Asian countries including China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The Statement has put forward ten proposals to universities and colleges around the world, including actively supporting the anti-pandemic efforts made by government of all countries, giving full play to advantages in scientific research and strengthening the international cooperation in vaccine research and development, material support and experience sharing, and supporting global and regional international organizations to play a greater role in fighting against the pandemic.

The Statement also called on universities and colleges to fulfill their social responsibilities in educating the public and popularizing knowledge and skills in COVID-19 prevention, oppose pursuing of benefits at the expense of others and politicization of the pandemic, enhance researches on post-pandemic countries, and to provide intellectual support for regional and global economic recovery.

Based on the Statement, Secretariat of S&SE ASIAN UN will hold a series of online workshops themed “Fighting against COVID-19 in Campus and Online Teaching during the Outbreak” for member universities to share experience.
The first webinar will be held on May 20, presidents or representatives from 12 universities will gather to exchange ideas and experience.
In addition, S&SE ASIAN UN will launch anti-pandemic vlog competition and promote international cooperation in public health research.
It is the goal of the Secretariat to fulfill the social responsibility, facilitate regional people-to-people exchanges and contribute to constructing a community with a shared future.
S&SE ASIAN UN was established in Kunming, China in 2018, with its Secretariat permanently set up at Yunnan University.
It aims to further enhance people-to-people exchanges among South & Southeast Asian countries, build a platform for regional exchanges and cooperation in higher education and construct a regional higher education community.