Xi-Alvi on same page on Coronavirus and other issues: Report

BEIJING, Mar. 23 (INP): President Arif Alvi and Chinese President Xi Jinping during their recent meeting held here were on the same page on fight against Coronavirous and other matters relating to bilateral and international concerns.

According to a report carried by Gwadar Pro App, formal get-together came at a time when both countries needed most each other on national and international issues.

The report mentioned in detail the support Pakistan extended to its iron brother at the time of need. President Arif Alvi’s visit took place at the time of China’s victory against coronavirous. It let the world keep a close eye on Pak-China ties and future friendship trajectory.

President Alvi’s meetings with President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and other leaders demonstrated Pakistan’s support and confidence for Chinese friends, to show the international community the notable progress China has made in fighting the epidemic, and to showcase China’s positive contribution to global public health security.

The visit also demonstrated the fine tradition of mutual assistance between Pakistan and China. Right after the epidemic breakout, Pakistan mobilized the whole nation to provide assistance to China, which we will never forget.

It has deepened strategic mutual trust and consolidated practical cooperation between Pakistan and China.

The two leaders exchanged in-depth views on the experience of epidemic prevention and control, coordination of epidemic response and socio-economic development, response to external economic and financial risks and deepening of major cooperation including the CPEC.

A series of strategic consensuses reached during this visit that will surely further deepen Pakistan-China all-round cooperation.

Although the visit was short in duration, it is paid at a special timing and of great significance, and has effectively enhanced Pakistan-China traditional friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation.

The visit brought in light the fact that in the course of jointly tackling COVID-19 and the plague of locusts, Pakistan and China have stood together and helped each other and there’s a lot to tell about such friendship.

It is believed that tested by the epidemics and other disasters, the iron-clad friendship between Pakistan and China will grow stronger and deeper, which will inject even stronger impetus into the all-weather strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries, the report added.