Xi calls for integrated and authentic media


BEIJING, March 17 (INP): President Xi Jinping called for promoting integrated and authentic media network, so that the people at the helm of the affairs could get aware of real public opinion and the issues of national importance.

In an article carried by a section of Chinese media published, he stressed, development of integrated media is an urgent need for carrying forward the China’s all-round socio-economic development.

The achievements of the information revolution should be utilized to promote integrated media and help mainstream public opinion grow bigger and become stronger, Xi wrote in the article.

The integrated development of the media should be accelerated to make the penetration, guidance, influence, and credibility of the mainstream media powerful.

The article underscored the need to build new types of mainstream media with strong influence and competitiveness.

The article called for the exploration of using artificial intelligence in news gathering, generation, distribution, receiving and feedback, so as to comprehensively improve the ability to guide public opinion.

The article also asked the mainstream media to provide more authentic and objective information with clear viewpoints in a timely manner.