Zartaj Gul gives credit of heavy rain, snowfall in Naya Pakistan to PM Imran

ISLAMABAD, March 20 (INP): Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul has given the credit of additional rainfall in Pakistan to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistanis are giving the credit of pleasant weather in Pakistan to Zartaj Gul as she serves as the state minister for climate change and has been making efforts to plant more and more trees and keep the environment clean.

However, it seems like Zartaj Gul has taken these compliments very seriously as she came out to speak about them and in fact, refused to take the credit herself and gave it to the prime minister instead.

Speaking at an event, Zartaj Gul said that Pakistan received heavy rain and snowfall with the blessing of Allah.

The country has never seen such prolonged winter before, she said.

“I know social media is giving me the credit of this weather but I would like to give its credit to Prime Minister Imran Khan,” the minister added.

Some people are making fun of Zartaj Gul as she took her praise a bit too seriously while others are appreciating the prime minister for his concern towards environmental policies.