China applauds UN SG’s support to realize vaccine equity and accessibility

BEIJING, February 19 (INP): China applauds Secretary-General Guterres’ proposal of a global vaccination plan, and supports the Secretary-General’s efforts to realize vaccine equity and accessibility.

This was stated here by a spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Hua Chunying at a regular news briefing.

Under the current circumstances, China holds an open attitude to any proposal conducive to the realization of fair vaccine distribution, and we are ready to keep in contact and coordination with all sides.

He added,  ” State Councilor Wang Yi noted at the UN Security Council Ministerial Open Briefing on COVID-19 Vaccine Issue yesterday, there is no principle more important than putting people first, and no other consideration that is given higher priority to than putting people’s lives first.

As a country that always honors its commitments, China has been acting on President Xi’s important pledge to make vaccines a global public good that contributes to vaccine accessibility and affordability in developing countries.

China was among the first to join the WHO-sponsored Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator initiative. We actively cooperate with 10-plus countries on vaccine R&D involving over 100,000 volunteers of more than 100 nationalities.

China has joined and supported COVAX. At the request of the WHO, China has decided to provide 10 million doses of Chinese-made vaccines to meet the urgent demand of developing countries. China has given vaccine assistance to 53 developing countries.

We support companies in exporting vaccines to countries that are in urgent need, have certified Chinese vaccines, and authorized their emergency use.

We have exported and are exporting vaccine doses to 22 countries. In the meantime, by leveraging the strength of our industrial chains, China supports and assists others in manufacturing vaccine products in China or their own countries in a bid to boost global production capacity.

China also decides to participate in the UN’s Group of Friends initiative to donate COVID-19 vaccines to UN peacekeepers.

As you said and as many noticed, during the Spring Festival holiday, our provision and aid of vaccines to others continued as always. Chinese COVID-19 doses were delivered to Zimbabwe, Turkey, Peru, Morocco, Senegal, Hungary and the UAE, altogether seven countries.

Leaders of Hungary and other countries welcomed the vaccines at the airport and expressed gratitude for China’s provision and assistance.

With the efforts of governments, businesses and scientists of various countries, the R&D and production of COVID-19 vaccines are at a record-breaking pace, but there’s still deficit in production capacity and distribution that needs to be addressed quickly.

We believe the world should come together to reject vaccine nationalism, promote fair and equitable distribution of vaccines, and in particular, make them accessible and affordable for developing countries, including those caught in conflicts.

In carrying out international cooperation on COVID-19 vaccines, China seeks to make the vaccines truly a global public good.

We will continue cooperating with all sides in such areas as vaccines and epidemic prevention and control, and making our contributions to fostering a global community of health for all and to the final victory of the global fight against COVID-19.”