China defends Pakistan against India’s criticism, lauds Islamabad for combating terrorism

BEIJING, Oct 26 (INP): China once again came out in defence of good friend Pakistan against criticism by India and the US for not doing enough to wipe out terrorist outfits from the country and praised Islamabad’s efforts in combating terrorism.

A day after India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Pakistan should do more against terrorists on its soil, China said that Pakistan has done a good job in countering terrorism.

“Pakistan is at the forefront of counter-terrorism efforts. For many years, Pakistan has made positive efforts to counter terrorism and has made great sacrifices,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said.

China has earlier too made strong statements whenever “all-weather ally” Islamabad has been slammed on account terrorism.

“We believe that the international community should recognise the efforts made by Pakistan in counter-terrorism,” Geng said.

“We welcome Pakistan and the US to conduct counter-terrorism operations based on mutual respect,” he added. We also welcome India and Pakistan and all other countries in the world to develop friendly cooperation.

We believe this relationship is conducive the regional stability besides regional development and prosperity,” the spokesperson added.