China donates equipment worth Rs. 650 million to 50 Pakistan’s schools

ISLAMABAD, July 10 (INP) – China will donate equipment worth Rs. 650 million to Pakistan’s vocational schools, supporting the country’s socio-economic development.

According to letter of exchange (LOE) signed by the two countries this week, equipment includie diesel generators, computers, printers, projectors and classroom furniture.
The donation will go to 50 vocational schools which will directly benefit over 10,000 people, Gwadar Pro reported.

Economic Affairs Division Secretary Noor Ahmed thanked the Chinese government for providing the equipment, adding that the equipment is critical for the upgradation of vocational schools and the improvement of vocational training capabilities of Pakistan.

The project will promote vocational training and enhance Pakistan’s productivity, Noor Ahmed mentioned, adding that China is a true friend of Pakistan that always extends a helping hand to Pakistan whenever Pakistan is in need, no matter it is the COVID-19 pandemic or the locust attack.

Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing noted that the equipment donation project is a part of the initial cooperation under the framework of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), and CPEC phase II will focus more on vocational training, agriculture, poverty alleviation and health sectors.

China will continue to support Pakistan in the fight against COVID-19 and contribute to the implementation of the people-oriented cooperative projects between the two countries with CPEC as a major platform, Yao added.