China expects India to play role in promoting regional peace: FM

BEIJING, Dec. 13 (INP): China is willing to work with all other countries to jointly promote the building of a new type of international relations based on mutual respect, fairness and justice, and win-win cooperation, said Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Talking to newsmen following his joint meeting with his Indian and Russian counterparts in New Delhi, he said they need to work jointly to build a long-lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity, openness and inclusiveness, cleanliness and beauty, in keeping with the trend of the times and the wishes of the international community.

Wang Yi told reporters that the world is now facing a major readjustment and major changes. The instability and uncertainty have risen markedly.

Being a big power and major emerging market country with world influence, China, Russia and India are aware of their own international responsibilities and are willing to play an active role in stabilizing the international situation and bringing more to the present world by strengthening strategic communication and coordination Certainty and positive energy.

Wang Yi said at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the three countries, he introduced the principles and policies that the 19th NPC of the Chinese Communist Party has for China and the world at large, and especially China’s diplomacy entering a new era, stressing that China will adopt Peaceful Development Realizes National Rejuvenation, Striving for a Road that is Different from a Traditional Great Power.

This is very similar to the concepts of India and Russia, and India and Russia should make positive comments.

Wang Yi said that China, Russia and India are in a crucial historic period of development and rejuvenation. There are many similarities between domestic and foreign policies. It is necessary for the three parties to learn from each other, learn from common development and make progress together.

The three parties agreed to strengthen bilateral relations with each other and expand tripartite cooperation.

While tripartite accomplishing their own development, they also made due contributions to the peace and prosperity of the region and the world at large, he added.