China promotes shared community of global health

By Muhammad Zamir Assadi

The humanitarian medical assistance provided by China across the globe to fight the COVID-19 pandemic has become the bedrock of multilateral cooperation and globalization.

The General Administration of Customs of China has announced the country exported 224.2 billion masks between March and December 2020 to assist the international community. Of these exported masks, a total of 65 billion were for medical use.

The country also exported 773 million medical protective suits and 2.92 billion pairs of surgical gloves during the same period, to protect disease control personnel in the global fight against COVID-19.

And in 2020, China also exported 1.08 billion nucleic acid testing kits to provide support for COVID-19 test work worldwide, as well as 271,000 ventilators for patient treatment.

Humanitarian assistance at such a large scale shows the health care system of the country has developed smoothly with the pace of the times under the leadership of the Communist Party of China.

China’s decision to share its medical achievements with the world is a clear indicator Chinese medical equipment is a global public good and the country will go to any extent to safeguard global public health.

Chinese volunteers and medical teams were even dispatched to the least-developed countries around the globe to help save millions of precious lives and assist in the recovery of critical COVID-19 patients.

These least-developed countries and regions were the major beneficiaries of Chinese assistance, as major Western countries were themselves in a very vulnerable situation.

By meeting the demands of medical assistance for those in need, China’s healthcare system has passed a difficult test and proved its ability to tackle the worst challenge in the history of mankind.

The pandemic brought agony and sorrow for many, but with these challenges, it also opened the doors for the international governance system to join hands in defeating the disease and provide high-quality, secure medical treatment.

China’s humanitarian assistance to developing countries in challenging times was the best prescription.

This prescription did not attach any kind of conditions to undermine the integrity of the countries in need, showing the responsible behavior of the Chinese leadership.

Recognition and appreciation of this by the international community shows the outreach of Chinese diplomacy is on the rise, and it is not posing any danger to other nations. Rather, it is contributing to the safety of global health systems and the well-being of humanity.

Chinese medical aid showed the era of the “zero-sum game” that has destroyed the fate of millions is over, and the world is heading toward a win-win future based on mutual consultations and bilateral cooperation derived from mutually beneficial mechanisms.

The dedication and commitment of China is a message for the anti-globalization and pro-unilateralism elements that no one can restrain the second-largest economy of the world from playing a significant role in the international arena for the goodwill of masses looking for the cultivation of Chinese achievements gained in the last seven decades.

The active role played by Beijing in fighting COVID-19 under the leadership of President Xi Jinping sends a message that the success and advancement of China in the medical field will always be shared with the countries and regions willing to work together on various platforms of cooperation.

The performance of the Chinese health care system in fighting COVID-19 around the globe has also enhanced the confidence of the international community in the Chinese spirit of a shared future of mankind.

Amid the pandemic, China’s response to the call for help from affected countries has attracted the attention of others, who are seeking solutions and also looking toward Beijing, as China’s assistance is accessible, affordable and without any conditions.

The world is also witnessing how China’s domestically developed vaccine has been provided to various countries, which have started the process of immunization. This is a ray of hope in a dark winter of sorrows.

Persistent efforts by China under the guidance of President Xi and the CPC in helping the global community fight COVID-19 has proved beyond a doubt the world will witness a dream of a shared future of humanity in all respective fields.