China provides vaccines to 53 countries

BEIJING, February 24 (INP): China was the first country that pledged to make vaccines a global public good.

We are providing free vaccines to 53 countries in need while overcoming our difficulties at home, Wang Wenbin, a spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry said here at a news briefing.

” Vaccines provided by China to Pakistan, Cambodia, Laos, Equatorial Guinea, Zimbabwe, Mongolia and Belarus have arrived in these countries.

We are also exporting vaccines to 27 countries that are willing to buy Chinese vaccines.

Among them, vaccines for Serbia, Hungary, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, Senegal, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey have already arrived in these countries. The vast majority of these countries are developing ones.

We hope that all capable countries will join hands in supporting the international community, developing countries in particular, in fighting the pandemic.

China will continue to carry out vaccine cooperation with other parties within its capacity to help the international community overcome the pandemic at an early date, ” the Spokesperson added.