China reassures it’s active Int’l cooperation to fight COVID-19

BEIJING, January 27 (INP): China will continue to take an active part in international cooperation on fighting COVID-19, said a spokesperson of Chinese Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian at a news briefing.
The spokesman added, ” the world is undergoing changes unseen in a century. The COVID-19 pandemic is still ravaging across the globe. The world economy is mired in deep recession. Global challenges keep popping up.
All these place mankind at a crossroads. Against this backdrop, President Xi Jinping mentioned “multilateralism” many times in his speech because he has clearly grasped the pulse of the times and sought to resolve the challenges of the times with China’s propositions.

President Xi made insightful observations on the four major tasks facing people of our times, including to promote world economic growth, abandon ideological prejudice, close the North-South divide and come together against global challenges.

To address these issues, there must be global action, global response and global cooperation, and we need to uphold multilateralism and build a community with a shared future for mankind.

He also expounded on what kind of multilateralism we need in our times by proposing we should stay committed to openness and inclusiveness instead of closeness and exclusion, to international law and rules instead of seeking one’s own supremacy, to consultation and cooperation instead of conflict and confrontation, and to keeping up with the times instead of rejecting change.

President Xi put forward a five-point proposition for China’s pursuit of multilateralism going forward, saying that China will continue to take an active part in international cooperation on fighting COVID-19, implement a win-win strategy of opening-up, promote sustainable development, advance science, technology and innovation, and promote a new type of international relations.

President Xi’s address charts the course for the world at a loss and demonstrates China’s wisdom and sense of responsibility. It will give a strong boost to the rebuilding of mutual trust, consolidate consensus and pool strength from around the globe toward the goal of a community with a shared future for mankind.”