China to deepen its friendship with BRI countries: Hu Zhengyue

BEIJING, March 27 (INP): Vice President of China Public Diplomacy Association HU Zhengyue has said that the under the Belt and Road initiative, the China will continue to promote the deepening of understanding and friendship with Pakistan and other countries in the Asia Pacific region.

He said that bond between the peoples of China and Pakistan are profound and the potential for cooperation between the two sides is huge. He made this remarks while addressing to an opening ceremony of China International Press Communication Center’s program for the foreign journalists and later his interaction with media.

He said that China and many Asia-Pacific countries are linked by mountains and rivers and are friendly neighbors that share Water.
I believe that through the exchanges in China, journalists will have a new understanding and interpretation of China and through their reports, more people in Africa and the Asia Pacific region will be able to understand a more authentic, comprehensive, and three-dimensional China, he said.

Talking to media he said China attaches great importance to developing friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation with Pakistan and other countries in the region.

While talking about China-Africa relations, he said that at present, China-Africa relations are standing at a new historical starting point. China-Africa cooperation is the trend of the times and the wish of the people.
The ceremony was also attended by ambassadors and diplomats of several countries from Asia Pacific countries including Pakistan, African countries and officials from different ministries of China.