China vows to enhance inter-party exchanges with Pakistan

BEIJING, March 12 (INP): A senior official of the International department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Zhang Xuyi said that they would continue to promote their interaction and cooperation with political parties in Pakistan.

In a press briefing to visiting group of journalists from South Asia on the role of CPC in developing State-to-State relationship with foreign countries, he said it is their consistent endeavor deepening political and economic interaction with neighboring countries on parties’ level, he said adding China attached high importance to its ties with Pakistan.

Our bilateral cooperation has entered into new era with launching of China-Pakistan economic corridor. Exchanges on the parties’ level are an important part of China’s overall diplomatic policy, he added.

Xuyi further said, the inter-party collaboration helps to develop consensus on matters relating to bilateral interest. Pakistan is their most reliable friend and close strategic partner in the region and they had been maintaining frequent and regular contacts with its political parties.

He highlighted the contribution of the CPC in strengthening State-to-State foreign relationship. The party, he added is a driving force in promoting people-to-people contacts through the parties’ network.

Xuyi further said, mutual trust, equality and non-interference in each other affairs are the basic principles of their relationship with foreign countries.

He told the media group that CPC is strictly adhering to its basic principles based on communist system that are lined with Chinese characteristics.

The CPC enjoys excellent relationship with the political parties in its neighboring countries particularly with Pakistan. While interacting with them, they focused on their socio-economic development.

He also briefed the media about upcoming session of CPC’s National Congress, stating that it will set a new direction towards transformation of the society and development of its economic ties with the international community in light of President’s Xi Jinping’s Belt and Road initiative.

It would be most important event in the Chinese history in term of new economic development. China, he said emerged as World second largest economic with high growth rate, that he hoped would benefit to the entire humanity. He thanked the media for its support to China on regional and international issues.