China’s Confucius Institute strengthening people-to-people contacts World over: Spokesperson  

BEIJING, October 19 (INP): Confucius Institutes serve as a bridge for people around the world to learn the Chinese language, understand China, and strengthen people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and other countries.  

This was stated by Zhao Lijiang, a spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry while commenting on US Secretary of State Pompeo’s threat to shut down all Confucius Institutes in a radio program.  

He explained that the Confucius Institutes in the U.S. are established based on voluntary applications from U.S. universities under the principles of mutual respect, friendly consultations, equality and mutual benefit.  

They follow open and transparent operation and management models, strictly abide by local laws and various rules and regulations of the universities.  

They have made immense contributions to promoting people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and the United States, thus widely welcomed by the U.S. universities and the American people. 

The spokesperson went on to add: Out of ideological bias and political expediency, Some U.S. politicians, such as Pompeo, deliberately undermined the cultural and educational exchanges and cooperation between China and the United States by discrediting Confucius Institutes and interfering with their normal operations.  

This goes against the public opinion of the two countries and will definitely be rejected by the righteous people in the United States. 

These U.S. politicians need to abandon the Cold War zero-sum mentality, immediately correct mistakes, stop politicizing educational exchanges programs, stop interfering with normal people-to-people and cultural exchanges, and stop undermining mutual trust and cooperation between China and the United States. 

One more thing to add: if the United States refuses to do so, the Chinese side reserves further rights to react.” 

When asked to comment on Pompeo’s interview on October 15 that “the Chinese Communist Party is already paying dearly” for unleashing the virus; They still haven’t been given access so that we understand where the Wuhan virus actually began inside of China“.  

Zhao Lijian replied “lying through one’s teeth” is a perfect fit for certain US politicians who see the American glory in “lying, cheating and stealing”. They try to blame China for their poor epidemic response and to discredit China in the service of their political gains. 

China has given a thorough account of its epidemic response with solid facts and a clear timeline. I can give you some updates here. Recently, after asymptomatic cases were reported in Qingdao, efforts were made immediately to conduct mass epidemiological screening and testing for all.  

As of 6 a.m. October 16, 10.75 million nucleic acid testing samples have been collected, which is about 98 percent of the city’s entire population of 11 million. Chinese and foreign media like CNN and New York Times have covered this. I suggest that Mr. Pompeo pay attention to those reports. 

This outcome does not come easily. So, we will not be slack in our routine epidemic prevention efforts. How about certain US politicians? They’ve got all the resources they need. Still they wasted the precious window of opportunity.  

The American people and international community bear witness to their incompetence. They should understand that respecting facts and science is the only way to save American lives and defeat the virus.”