China’s path of development presenting opportunities for all

A villager walks on a newly-built bridge over a river in Wuying Miao Village, a remote village inhabited by the Miao ethnic group on the border between south China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and southwest China's Guizhou Province, July 28, 2020. (Xinhua/Huang Xiaobang)

By Muhammad Zamir Assadi

The announcement of China’s 14th Five-Year Plan have comprehensively laid down the clear and objective path of development and progress based on the collective wisdom of Communist Party of China under the leadership of President Xi Jinping.

The achievements of China in its 13th Five-Year Plan period have been widely recognized around the globe as it also offered bundles of opportunities of bilateral and multilateral cooperation for international community.

The rapid development of China in recent years has attracted the attention of the global community for more cooperation and sustainable development for achieving long-term prosperity.

There are many things to cherish regarding remarkable development of China that achieved with the commitment, unity and passion of the entire nation under the visionary leadership that highlights the success of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Keeping in mind the achievements of China in the last five-year plan period and analyzing the work report for the next 5 years, one can very easily see that no country has been as successful as China in overcoming the global challenges to pull the country towards socialist modernization.

Based on the path followed by the Chinese leadership, it is far sure that China is moving ahead very wisely by aligning its interests with those of the international community for developing the shared future of mankind.

The work report released shows that China will be engaged actively in international affairs by helping partners in resolving their developmental and economic problems by sharing its own success with others.

The very miraculous achievement of China that gained applause from every single country and region is about poverty alleviation.

The government-led poverty alleviation efforts in China have completely exhibited the essential features of socialism with Chinese characteristics.

The success of Chinese nation offers precious reference for other developing countries facing similar challenges and hardships in poverty eradication.

China has lifted 770 million people out of poverty, meeting the goal of ending abject poverty, as established in the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, 10 years ahead of schedule.

China’s poverty alleviation and development has effectively promoted economic and social development in the impoverished areas, narrowing the regional gaps in development and improving the production and living conditions of the impoverished people.

China has blazed a new trail of poverty alleviation, a tremendous contribution to poverty reduction of mankind.

The work report conveys the message that China is willing to share its poverty eradication experiences in more constructive ways with partner countries as the international community wants to know more and explore the methods adopted in the campaign.

As the world’s biggest developing country, China’s poverty alleviation process has been accompanied by economic and social changes and it enabled the people to move forward for achieving the ultimate goal of prosperity.

The success of the Chinese society and system shows that the country has the ability and the confidence in the system driven by a leadership tirelessly working for increasing the per capita income of every individual citizen.

The success also shows that China has always focused on poverty eradication campaign as a key goal and mission for the country’s development, and the efforts will continue in the coming decade to ensure social and economic benefits for all.

The miracle of eliminating absolute poverty has demonstrated that China adopted a correct path as per its own national conditions, instead of copying the Western models for providing equal opportunities of growth to its citizens.

Poverty alleviation in China is also an important part of the global efforts to overcome poverty. Since the beginning of reform and opening-up, the country’s historical achievements in poverty alleviation have sped up global poverty alleviation efforts and reversed the rising trend of world impoverished population in the last decades.

China is also regarded as the first country that has fulfilled the Millennium Development Goals, and it happened as it was based on the overall strategy of development-oriented poverty alleviation.

The credit goes to the policies adopted for rural areas, agriculture and farmers’ development and for regional development.

Chinese system of governance also proved its efficiency and capability by containing the worst global crisis of COVID-19.

China was the first country to face the challenge of COVID-19. But it did not get panic, instead, it immediately mobilized all of its resources to detect the cause of pandemic, and developed the protocols of treatment.

Eventually the protocols developed by China laid the foundation for containing the pandemic and helped the international community as well to tackle the disease.

China’s sharing of medical experience and providing of medical equipment regarding COVID-19 with other countries in need also showed the openness and generosity of Chinese nation.

China operated the historic and massive humanitarian operation without any political strings attached to it, only aimed to secure the life of every single patient infected with the virus.

China did not close its doors and then even did not monopolize or nationalize its vaccines. By providing Chinese-developed vaccines to the international community, it showed that China wishes to develop the global health community of mankind.