Chinese army moves ahead developing its ties with Pakistan

BEIJING, Dec. 29 (INP): Chinese armed forces have made major headway improving its military-to-military ties with Pakistan and other countries during the outgoing year, 2017.

During the year, there had been China-Pakistan joint air force training and the International Military Games, which served the objective of boosting the military’s capability to fight and win the war, said senior Colonel Ren Guoqiang, spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defense (MND).

Commenting on the achievements of the Chinese military in 2017, he said China’s armed forces have been very active in international military cooperation during the year.

To adapt to the requirement for deepening reform of national defense and the military, they have been making efforts to remold the platforms for overseas military activities, regional security cooperation, practical exchange mechanism and military services exchanges, and international communications.

The second term is combat readiness and war-fighting capability. To focus on enhancing war-fighting capacity, we are making efforts to tap into the supporting function of the international military cooperation in military operations.

This year, we have planned and organized more than 20 joint training, exercises and competitions, including the China-Russia joint maritime exercise, China-US joint HADR exercise, the third term is effective rights protection. The international military cooperation contributes to safeguarding national sovereignty and security interests and to the handling of the hot spot and sensitive issues in China’s periphery, including the China-India confrontation in Dong Lang, and rights protection in the South China Sea.

The fourth term is shouldering responsibility. The Chinese military is committed to shouldering more international responsibilities and obligations within its capacity, and we are willing to provide more international public security services, and contribute more to maintaining world peace and boosting common developments as a major country, he added.