Chinese companies see bright investment prospects in Pakistan

BEIJING, Oct. 3 (INP): Chinese companies are looking forward bright investment prospects in Pakistan and eager to avail banks loans’ facility to undertake joint ventures for mutually beneficial cooperative partnership, said a senior official of Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

The State-run banks encourage the companies to make Pakistan’s their investment destination, in line with the policy-guideline provided by the Central government, the official was talking with a group of journalists from South Asia.

There are growing number of companies that have shown their intention to build their business houses in Pakistan. They are mainly attracted by the Free-Economic Zones, being developed under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he added.

Meanwhile, well known Jiangxi Lattice Power Company has said CPEC has opened door of opportunities for various Chinese companies to invest in Pakistan in different sectors and to introduce new technologies.

The delegation of South Asian journalists paid a visit to the “Jiangxi Lattice Power Company” and learned about “silicon sub street technology” prominent for developing the LED chips, LED street lights, flood lights, panel lights and tube lights.

The representative of the company told “Lattice Power Company of China” has a silicon substrate GaN-based LED materials technology to break the Japan-US monopoly, with an original intellectual property.

It was told that the company will achieve an annual output of 24 billion of the LED chips.

They told that company was in negotiation to invest in “Silicon sub street technology” in Pakistan especially in Punjab province.

The company has held rounds of discussion with Punjab government aiming to transfer the mentioned technology there.

He told that Chinese government was also encouraging its enterprise to invest in Pakistan under Belt & Road Initiative (BRI).

Investment and business policies in Pakistan was also very favorable for international enterprise so Chinese companies was enjoying their work under CPEC.